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Robert Chase, Grand Knight

James R. Gambardella, PGK
August 17, 1947 - September 18, 2022

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved brother, and Past Grand Knight, Jim Gambardella. He was also a member of the 4th Degree, William J. Adams Assembly. He fought a courageous battle against cancer, but went to be with the Lord on Sunday, September 18, 2022. He was married to his wife, Maureen, for 48 years and had a son, Daniel, who is also a knight.

He was Grand Knight for several years and led the council through some of its finest accomplishments, including two time Double Star and one time Triple Star Council awards. May his soul and souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Friday, September 23rd was Jim's funeral. At the wake members of the council took part in a beautiful prayer service. click here to view it

Follow this link to see his obituary on Maceroni Funeral Home's website.

Our council was formed in February of 1991 in the basement of St. Augustine's church. Thirty men made the decision that the Knights of Columbus was the organization they wanted to join and the one to be formed at St. Augustine's was the council they wanted to belong to. Of the thirty charter members, 4 came into the council with prior experience as knights. Some were currently active and only had to fill out transfer forms, and some had not been active for many years and had to be readmitted. During the next 10 days, the 26 new members went through all three degrees. This was, of course, a major logistical undertaking, but the men made up their mind that they would be available on the three nights and would become full-fledged knights.

On February 21, 1991 State Deputy James J. Kiley and District Deputy Bob Marciano drove down to New Haven and personally delivered the 30 Form 100's to the New Council Development director and we were born.

Over the next several months we learned how to be a council and how to run a meeting. Those early days were very much a learning experience for our Grand Knight Steve Rianna and our Financial Secretary Jerry Scannell. Those guys had to carry the brunt of everything.

Over the years, we have done a very good job in fostering the principles of the order and have been very fortunate to have produced a State Deputy, four District Deputies, two state membership directors, three state program chairmen, and three Faithful Navigators out of our Past Grand Knights, and for that we are very proud.

We also qualified as a Star Council in 1997 for the first time in our existence! We recently were rewarded for our recruitment efforts by making Star Council, Double Star Council (twice), and just last year made Triple Star Council despite the difficulties with the COVID 19 pandemic!

Advent Season
Hello. This is Fr. Peter H. Lee.  I hope your advent is full of hope.  As we greet the season of Advent, I’d like to invite you to ponder the meaning of Advent in two aspects:

     1. As the season when we prepare for the coming of the Lord

     2. As the beginning of the new year in the church calendar.
1. Why do we have four weeks of Advent? Why did the church institute Advent with four weeks?  Four weeks of Advent signifies a 4,000-year period of the Old Testament, in which Israelites longed for Messiah. In that sense, Four weeks of Advent is the condensate of 4,000 years of waiting.
Then, are we preparing for the coming of the Lord as much as the Israelites did?
As we examine our preparation, we also have to think of God’s preparation. Way more than human being preparation, God prepared his only begotten son to give him to us from the foundation of the world. So, it is not just an annual season returning every year, but the moment that the hour of God and ours meet together.
In front of his providence, we cannot do anything but awe and gratitude.
2. As the new year begins in the church calendar, let us think of our determination to be a better version of ourselves, just like we determine something new at the beginning of the new year. Speaking of new year’s determination, we usually decide to rectify our bad habits, like quitting smoking, reducing drinking, avoiding gluttony or waste, and so on. But why don’t we decide something active, other than “passive” determinations? For instance, having a pause in your day to meet Jesus, practicing the work of charity regularly, doing something good for others daily, praying for others day by day, etc.
These kinds of “active” determination will help you live your faith actively.
I pray for each member of KofC that you enjoy God’s love and grace to the fullest in this season of Advent.


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film "The Letter"By: Robert Chase on: 11/16/2022 @ 12:30 PM

I hope fellow knights will attend Thursday's viewing of the film "The Letter" about the encyclical "OLaudati Si:--on Care for Our Common Home--and look forward to comments here.

 By: Jerry Scannell on: 11/17/2022 @ 06:38 AM

It should be well attended.

 By: Paul G. Scannell, PGK PFN FDD on: 11/18/2022 @ 06:16 AM

What an awe-inspiring film. We all know that there is something happening to our climate. If the major nations of the world (US, China, Russia) don't put down their egos and mistrust of each other and do something about this we are all doomed.

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My Faith TestedBy: on: 11/18/2022 @

At a recent council meeting, one of our members spoke about how the Holy Spirit had helped him during a recent family tragedy. His comments and experience with that was truly moving. It got me to thinking, though. It seems that the Holy Spirit is giving selective graces. Why wouldn't those same graces be showered on the people of Ukraine or the sick people who resort to mass murder or the thousands of families devastated by natural disasters (most recently hurricanes that ravaged Florida and the horrendous wild fires that hit the west)? This is very troubling to me as you can tell.

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Remember our Veterans at Christmas (ROVAC)
Article Written by: Bob Chase, GK

Saturday, November 5th 2022: A collection of new underwear, socks, and sundries was collected for the benefit of retired veterans living at the Bristol Veterans Home under the "Remember our Veterans at Christmas (ROVAC)" campaign.

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Grand Knight: Robert J Chase (Mary Ann) RobertChase330@gmail.com

I am serving my second tour of duty as grand knight and originally joined the St. Augustine Council in 2015. I am married to the former Mary Ann Greer and was a State employee for 37 years before retiring, mostly spent with the State Archives. I enjoy reading, cooking and perennial flowers.

Chaplain: Rev. Peter H Lee frcomet90@gmail.com

Deputy Grand Knight: Michael Joseph Geraghty mjg1geraghty@hotmail.com

Chancellor: Nicolau R Amaral nicorama02908@yahoo.com

Warden: Anthony Fascia AFascia@gmail.com

Financial Secretary: Paul G. Scannell, PGK PFN FDD (Mary (McCoy)) PaulGScannell@gmail.com

A charter member of St. Augustine's Council, I joined the order in 1991. I was the Grand Knight of the council in 1995, and after that time have been fortunate to serve the state council in many capacities including District Deputy, Membership Director, Program Director, State Webmaster, and Executive Secretary. I've been married to my wonderful wife, Mary, since 1969 and have a son Sean who is also a brother knight.

Recorder: Paul F Morry kmmorry@aol.com

Treasurer: John Olobri (Donna) JOlobri2@verizon.net

Retired Director of Sales and Marketing after 25 years with AEMC Instruments. Vice President of the Men of St Joseph International. Treasurer of the St Augustine’s council 10557 of the Knights of Columbus and a Fourth Degree Knight. Married to Donna since 1968. Father of 4 children, Christina, Peter, John Jacob and Joseph and have 7 grandchildren. I have been a parishioner of St Augustine church since 1977 and a member of council 10557 since 2019.

Advocate: Steven M Calise smc46@yahoo.com

Trustee 1: Thomas A Bianco, PGK navytom@cox.net

Trustee 2: John N Taylor tayl3@cox.net

Inside Guard: Ronald J Walsh rw44447@gmail.com

Outside Guard: Richard P Lufkin RLufkin1972@gmail.com

Membership Director: John L. Marcello, PSD (Marjory) JoinTheKnights@aol.com

I joined the St. Augustine Council in 1993, worked my way through the chairs becoming Grand Knight in 1996. With the help of my brother knights, the council achieved Star Council under my tenure. I served three years as District Deputy, followed by three years as Membership Director. I was appointed State Warden in 2002 (having finished second in a earlier two man election for State Warden) as a result of our State Secretary resigning due to health reasons.The next election I ran and won for State Warden.

Program Director: Michael Joseph Geraghty mjg1geraghty@hotmail.com

Family Director: John Olobri (Donna) JOlobri2@verizon.net

Retired Director of Sales and Marketing after 25 years with AEMC Instruments. Vice President of the Men of St Joseph International. Treasurer of the St Augustine’s council 10557 of the Knights of Columbus and a Fourth Degree Knight. Married to Donna since 1968. Father of 4 children, Christina, Peter, John Jacob and Joseph and have 7 grandchildren. I have been a parishioner of St Augustine church since 1977 and a member of council 10557 since 2019.

Community Director: Paul F Morry kmmorry@aol.com

District Deputy: Dan Elliott, DD dd.rikofc@gmail.com

Insurance Agent: Jim Davis, FIC, CLTC Jim.Davis@kofc.org

Husband to my beautiful wife Tricia and father to my fiery daughter Julia . I have been a member of Father Donnelly Council #322 since 2015 and in 2016 I started working for the Knights of Columbus as a Field Agent. Since becoming an agent I have qualified for The Million Dollar Round Table two times and in September of 2021 I was promoted to Assistant General Agent of the State of Rhode Island for the Ruffo Agency. This is a career like no other and I am truly blessed.

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